I am Peter Boynton. I wanted to start this web page so I would be able to promote myself as a music producer, and to promote the artists that I have produced. You will find samples of the music, of various artists, if you click on the button to the left: Artists I've Produced.

My main instrument is the piano. I am a keyboard player. I have used synthesized drums in my productions as well as real drums. The range of music, on this page, goes from acoustic music, and country music, to some fairly wild rock and roll and funk. I like it all, really. I am very interested in writing and producing music for TV and Film, so I have included a large sample there. Feel free to cruise.

If anyone would like to get a hold of any of the artists, or myself, there is a Contact button at the bottom on the left. There are more artists that I have produced and worked with. Right now the page is still in its infancy.

I can however give you a bit of a run-down of my musical credentials:
  • 1 platinum record and 2 gold records for my work with Red Rider, as a keyboard player;
  • played keys for Zappacosta on his 1st recording;
  • produced a demo for the Partland Brothers that helped get them their recording contract with Capitol Records;
  • co-produced 2 Burgundy Rose recordings;
  • produced 3 songs for Carolyn McCormack on her Livin' Dangerously CD;
  • I am the artist on the Suite Pete recording under the button entitled My Music;
  • produced 6 different artists on the Huronia's Alive CD;
  • produced a 3-song demo for Tiana;
  • produced a few songs for Wayne Gredanius.

    People I've gigged with: Bo Diddley, J.K. Gulley, Sarah Melody, Joan Kennedy, The Ruanne's House Band, The Tone Dogs, Colleen Peterson, Burgundy Rose, Red Rider, Zappacosta.

    My fingers are getting tired of typing now… More later…

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