March 28, 2021
The prospect of writing a blog, for me, is a little daunting. In my life I'm usually the one who gets the conversation going by asking everybody about themselves. I was kind of hoping that Doug Ross would do the blog 'cause he's way funnier than me. But Doug has done most everything else for this project so I thought I'd better get on with the blogging.
I feel that I could blog me a river. The trouble with blogging is it's so much fun. Who ate the last piece of blog? Sorry I blogged on your cat.
Eventually I'll get the knack of it. I'll be back with more great revelations. Thanks to Doug for putting the web page together. He's also done all the sound engineering, and media stuff, and is a humble and decent guy to boot. Please be advised that, lots of work and fun went into creating the music, videos, and even the t-shirts. We certainly wouldn't be opposed, to you spending some of your hard earned cash here.