Bohemian Hippie 

© Pete Boynton, Dec.5 2020 


Br. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 

V. You can call me a slippery jack, Another rat from the pack 

Tell them all I’m a maniac, I might deserve that 

I’m a kaleidoscope of adventures, To the universe’s centre 

If you’re looking for cool, Get in the pool, That’s where the fun is at 


Ch. Some people call me, A Bohemian Hippie 

Cause I come by it, quite naturally 

I have a history, of being very trippy 

Good qualities, for a bohemian hippie, good qualities, for a bohemian hippie 


V. I’m always feeling groovy, I am a fan of movies 

They take me to somewhere I’ve never been before and I like that 

I believe that a little bit of love, sure does go a long long way 

If you make me laugh, you make me smile, You just made my day 


Br. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 

V. My mission is quite obvious, It’s tolerance and peace 

Put away your guns, Let’s have some fun, Life is short, and it should be sweet 


Br. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah