Copyright PWG Boynton 3/15/2021 

V. The English language has so many words 

Some are hardly used and never heard 

When a new word comes along, You don’t want to get it wrong 

And the bonus here, is it comes with a song 

Turn. I make it my business to be groovelicious X2 

V. G, R, OO, VEL, IC, I, OUS 

Is what’s in Stevie Wonder”s song, Superstitious 

It makes me feel so good, It knocks me off my feet 

Playing on my ear buds when I’m walking down the street 

Turn. I get to feeling groovelicious X2 

Br. And what’s new to the kettle of fish is 

Is to define Groovelicious 

Well I sure did get all my 3 wishes 

Feeling very groovelicious 

V. The validity of this word might be discussed 

As for putting it in the dictionary that’s a must 

I’ll put it on a T-shirt, Will you buy it? 

I’m giving you every good reason to try it 

Turn. I make it my business to be groovelicious X4 

Br. X2