© P. Boynton Jan.1, 2018 

Kissable, Missable, Somehow I find you irresistible 

You’re like a melody, My favourite cup of tea 

Because you’re, just, So, lovable 

Pitiful, Miserable, I was one big ball of trouble 

And you inspire me, With possibilities 

Because you’re just, so, lovable 

I put more fun in to my act 

Now everybody wants to book me back 

I’d do it for the love, but, I love the bocks 

And everywhere I go they rub my head for luck 

I come bustin in, With a great big cake 

I went to school, to learn how to bake 

That birthday edible, was unforgettable 

Cause it was, Just, So, Lovable 

I come bustin out, On a great big stage, Located right next to a wrestling cage  

They beat each other up, they wreck my gear, And it’s all fake, even my tears 

Then, they buy me brand new gear, and the crowd cheers,and it’s so lovable, so lovable