My Angel 

Copyright P. W. G. Boynton Jan.3 2021 


V. I’ve seen some wrecks out on the highway, I have travelled many miles 

Sometimes it’s for the love, Sometimes it’s for the pay, Sometimes it’s worth it, for the smiles 

V. I could live my life in, could haves, and should haves, But I’m living for today 

When the sun comes shining down, Or the rain comes pouring down, Whatever they throw at me, I’m OK 

Ch. One thing I’ve come to know, is all that glitters ain’t gold, And I’m in real good company, And who do I thank for being so lucky, Oh I’ve got an angel who’s looking out for me 

Tag. I like walking with my angel, I like talking with my angel 

I like being with my angel 

V. I could have married the wrong woman, I only did that once or twice 

But the odds were in my favour, That someday maybe later, I would live to toss the dice 


Br. I don’t have a rabbit’s foot. I don’t wear a crucifix, I don’t have a map, but maybe I should 

I’m livin’ laissez-faire, that’s life without a care, I don’t have a halo, but I’ve been real good 



Xtra. I like hugging with my angel, I like kissing with my angel 

I like laughing, I like crying, I like being with my angel 

Oh I’ve got an Angel who’s looking after me