Out On The Water 

©P. Boynton. D. Ross 5/27/21 

V. Nothing’s gonna mess with my brand new perfect day 

No bosses, no spouses, no kids, I left my phone at home anyway 

CH. I’ve got these shades for my eyes 

We’ve got mostly blue skies 

Oh I’m a happy guy because I’m on the water 

When I can hardly see land 

I can’t think of a better plan 

Fell like a free man when I’m out on the water 

Feel like a free man 

V. Telling little white lies has got me in this pivotal position 

One boat, some hope, untie the rope and let’s get to fishin 


Bridge. Hey I think I got a bite 

Least he’s puttin’ up quite the fight 

Maybe I’ve got the big one on 

We’ll be frying fish before too long